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The Organizers

Clarion Defense, known for hosting renowned international military and industry events such as DSEI introduce a new US-focused engagement offering, Apex – designed to facilitate improved interaction among operators, policymakers, and technologists to ensure US and Allied forces Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Apex is delivered in collaboration with the Hudson Institute and the Center for Defense Concepts and Technology – experts in the implications of emerging technologies for defense strategy and military operations. 

Watch Apex Video In Full

Prepare to experience something that feels very different. There will be no models, no booths—this will be a dynamic environment focused on real, near-term challenges and opportunities, where months or even years of waiting in line to get noticed can be eliminated. Apex is the fusion of timely requirements with available, primed technology.

Sally de Swart, Managing Director, Clarion Defence

Challenges posed by the likes of China, Russia, and Iran are too immediate to rely solely on long-term solutions. Today’s available military and commercial technologies are more than sufficient to counter threats and exploit asymmetric opportunities. Engagements like Apex will help speed up the process in a way that’s long overdue.

Bryan Clark, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology, Hudson Institute.