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Empowering Defense Innovation

We recognize the vital role the tech industry plays in new defense industrial base, alongside a healthy mix of primes, small and medium-sized enterprises and trusted allies to address the magnitude and complexity of modern battlefield challenges.

Challenges posed by the likes of China, Russia, and Iran are too immediate to rely solely on long-term solutions. Compounding this urgency is the pervasive influence of a an increasingly software-defined landscape that is prompting a fundamental shift towards modernized military procurement practices. Apex’s standalone platform seeks to shift the needle forward in expediting technology and decision-making advantage to the joint force.


Enhancing Defense Capabilities

Navigate shrinking supplier bases to build more resilient supply chains and advanced manufacturing capability that can scale. Engage commercial companies with dual-use potential technologies and integration options that would advance capability and interoperability.

Explore the expansive and diverse pool of solutions on offer that can be leveraged. Hear SME success stories who have charted through complex acquisition pathways from experimentation to fielded systems and consider transnational allied collaborations that have simultaneously enhanced our collective defence industrial capacity and capability.


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